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Our Mortgage Process

If you’re purchasing a home, refinancing the one you have or want to learn more about how mortgages work, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need. That’s why we provide technology, education and customer service to help you with the mortgage process – from applying, to getting approved, to managing your loan.

Here’s how our mortgage process works, and what you can expect from us.

1. Apply for a Loan

Find out what kind of loan is right for you with Rocket Mortgage®, our fast, secure, completely online way to apply for a mortgage. If you don’t want to work online, respond to a few quick questions and a Home Loan Expert will contact you.

And if you’re purchasing a home, get prepared now to make your strongest offer. Find out more about getting approved early and locking your rate for up to 90 days with our Power Buying Process™

How We Make It Easier

2. Explore Your Options

We’ll match your financial situation and goals with the best loan options for you. We’ll analyze and explain the costs, rates and benefits of each loan option so you can decide which one is right for you.

See What Fits Your Budget

3. Verify Your Information

We’ll check to make sure your information is correct. One way we do this is by reviewing your bank account and tax information. We also reach out to third parties like your employer and insurance agent to get info from them.

How We Make Verification Easy

4. Close Your Loan

Close your loan when you want, where you want – and schedule it all online. We’ll provide you documents and support ahead of time, so you understand the details about your closing costs and loan terms before you sign.

What We Offer

5. Manage Your Loan

We service 99% of our loans, so we can provide you with the same great service once your loan is closed. That means that until the day you pay off your loan, we’ll handle things like collecting monthly payments, maintaining your records and providing timely and easy-to-understand updates.

Servicing with Us

Let's Start Your Mortgage